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Reviewbandit is a product review site that recommends products based on researching and testing products to help you buy what’s right for you. With millions of product reviews out there, we aim to make your life easier by presenting you with only real feedback on products. We don’t get paid to write reviews so we remain fair and objective in our process.

We never accept free merchandize from manufacturers or retailers nor do we get paid to write reviews on products. If you find our review useful and click to make a purchase through our links, we may receive a commission. We understand that if you don’t agree with us, you won’t come back and so we strive to keep our process rigorous and unbiased to earn your trust.  We spend hours on each product researching and testing to provide the best content for you.

We review a selection of products in each category based on relevance to narrow the search for consumers. From there, we conduct hours evaluating the products and provide our results to help most consumers with their buying decision. We understand that doesn’t include everyone and are continuously looking to improve our process. Let us know if we made a mistake. Please Contact us >>

Yes, of course! You can use If you want to a particular page, copy the entire url that you would like to link to.